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Our Company - About Us

Year 1948..

Mustafa Bakır who passed Kayseri Municipality as head of Transportation Center from airplane Factory and his brother who was chief machinist at the (Karayolları 6. Bölge Müdürlüğü) Highway 6th Regional Directorship opened Bakır Bros workshop by resigning their jobs and started to deal in and so then basis of the Bakırlar Automotive was laid.

In the early of 1950’s, after establishing Car Motor Collective Company and getting Volvo Distribution together with Mehmet Bayraktar and Burhan Okyay, they started to sell lorry and traktor spare parts. In those years Mustafa Bakır was the head of drivers’ society and Nurullah Bakır was the head of the domain of industrial cooperative and in a short time such as approximately two years he finished Eski Sanayi Bolgesi which is the one of the first established industry region in Turkiye (1954).

Also in these years they meet an important necessity not only of Kayseri also of Middle Anatolian by importing grind-mainbearing turner. By the way they started to sell car tire as well as Spare part after they established their own sparepart shop by resigning Car Motor. In those days they sold tire marked Good Year – Michelin - British - Bergougnan and Vredestain.

In 1960’s they established constructor Company and made this company merged with Bakir Bros Collective Company.

In these years, Mustafa Bakır established Mavi Çelik Döküm Sanayi with his friends who were the most known industrialists and he had worked as Administration Committee Manager.

At the end of the 1960’s A section in Ankara was attempted . After Nurullah Bakır’s retirement and Mustafa Bakır’s death the other members of the Bakır family has gone on managing the Company.

In 1970’s first international Distribution from MAT and secondly Ford Distribution from Koç has been taken.

In 1980 The Ankara section of The Company was closed and Bakır Bros Company has continued to work in Kayseri.

In 1986 they again started to work in Ankara but this time they established a company there Called BAKIRLAR OTOMOTİV SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. And getting LASSA Distribution.They started to serve by making Rot Balance setting as well as selling tire.

In early of 1990’s lassa distribution became BRIDGESTONE distribution after Brısa has been established. Also in this year Bakırlar Company has taken the CMS light metallic rims’ distribution of Ankara .

Now BAKIRLAR has the distribution of Bridgestone, Lassa Tire, CMS Metalic light Rims, Mutlu Accumulators, Atlı Skidding Chain trading and serving by Rot Balance setting and Rim Straightening.

Company Founders
Nuh Nadi Bakır: Civil Engineer. METU (Middle East Tecnical University) / 1968 - M.S.C.E Texas University
Ali Ulvi Bakır: Economist, İ.U.(The University of Istanbul) Faculty Of Economics / 1970
Abdulbaki Bakır: Chemical Engineer. A.D.M.M.A / 1975